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Accessible Parking Space


Accessible Parking Space


The Knightswick Centre is a ground level shopping mall that has three entrances and exits. These are accessible from the car park, high street and the main town centre. The centre has 17 disabled bays with free parking to blue badge holders if they are in the bays.

The centres entry and exits points are suitable for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and buggies.

First Aid Information

Should first aid be needed please find a member of security or immediately make your way to the Centre Managers Office located next to the council toilets in the car park.

In case of emergency and the person requires medical assistance please call for an ambulance immediately.

Main Fire Exits

We have three main fire exits, noted as follows:

1. Furtherwick Road – Entrance and Exit
2. High Street – Entrance and Exit
3. Main Car Park – Entrance and E

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